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SN Mentoring is the most personalised college applications consultancy in India. SN mentors dive deep into applicants’ personalities, profiles, aspirations and parents’ concerns to find out the best-fit colleges and courses across the world. We take the applicants through each aspect of the process in a step by step fashion.


UG applications for all subjects and streams such as sciences, engineering, medicine, economics, accounts, business, data sciences, AI, robotics, statistics, psychology, humanities, arts, media studies, hotel management and so on are processed by SN Mentors who have helped hundreds of students over the past 6 years reach their dream courses across the world.

Under Graduate Applications India

Under Graduate Applications Abroad


With so many specialisation options to choose from and so many universities offering inter-disciplinary choices, choosing the right Masters or PG course or Fellowship is daunting. SN Mentoring helps applicants find their best-fit masters opportunity in India and Abroad.

Post Graduate Applications India

Post Graduate Applications Abroad


LLM or Latin Legum Magister, which means Master of Laws, is a sought after degree for a lot of Law graduates from India. LLM Abroad offers many advantages such as specialising in a field, move easily into international law or even changing jurisdiction. SN mentors come from the top 10 LLM programs of the world.


At SN Mentoring, we surmise that PhD is about choosing the right professor for you of a particular field at a diligent department as much as it is about choosing a top university. We guide you in aptly showcasing your hardwork, talents and interests in a way, such that you deem a fit candidate for admissions. Preparing application for a fully funded PhD is both a science and an art; and with a team of transdisciplinary advisors, we make this possible for you. Our expertise doesn’t just stop at the application, we also gear you up for your PhD experience, guide you on what to expect and help you chalk your future plans and research.

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