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Fellowships can be life changing experiences combining academic, experiential and network-based learning. There are multiple options available based on your choice of domain, country, paid/unpaid, short-term and long term and life long purpose. However, which one should I choose? As the world moves towards more hybrid and unconventional learning models, one needs to learn how to navigate through them. Mentors at SN Mentoring have experienced fellowships in India and abroad such as the Awaji Youth Federation and Teach for India. They have been creating such learning models in different shapes and forms at various organisations. They know founders and facilitators of various fellowships including ones you might not have heard about. Learn from our unique guidance modules to find the best-fit fellowship for yourself.


More often than not, we end up in an unsatisfying career pathway due to various reasons – personal choices, forced decisions, family and financial circumstances or just plain lack of knowledge. Till the time the money is coming in, we are okay with our choices. And, then one fine day, there is no more happiness and we find ourselves stuck because we are ‘too old’ or have ‘too many responsibilities’ or we are ‘just too uncertain’. Whether it is switching your job or industry or venture building or creating additional revenue areas, SN Mentorship will coach you through them all. Join our mentorship programs to access a network of professionals and advisors. We understand where you come from – there are ways to navigate such situations and find your true calling. Remmeber it is never too late to switch your career. Our clients include short-service military professionals, teachers, social development sector professionals and more.


Summer schools are eco-systems where students get to learn more by taking academic and co-curricular courses, living on campus of universities, interacting with other students from all over the world. Summer schools provide an incomparable experience of campus life and all its future possibilities. Choosing the best one can be a daunting task including its application and all the associated logistics. Discover the best summer school options at high school and university levels and just taking short sabbaticals with our mentors.

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