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Students need long term mentoring to help them find their true calling. Young professionals need short term, skill based career interventions. Put your academic, extra-curricular and unique identifier in a planned guidance curriculum with Profile Building Mentorship at SN Mentoring.


An end to end personal mentorship program for students to organise themselves, track their progress, and discover their true potential. This mentorship programme covers academic guidance be it stream selection or elective courses at college or test prep. Guidance for standardised testing, resume building, profile completion, unique identifier, course and university selection, scholarship guidance and personal coaching.

Middle School
(Grades 6-8)

Secondary School
(Grades 9-10)

High School
(Grades 11-12)

High School Sprint
(Grade 12)

UG Foundation
(First to Final years)

UG Sprint
(Final year)

PG Prep
(First to Final year)


A few student activities underway at SN Mentoring



  • Sports using Virtual Reality
  • Space debris and garbage
  • Drone delivery mechanisms
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • Projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Python
  • Making consumable cutlery from leftovers of a flour mill
  • Textile pollution
  • Climate Change impact
  • Permafrost Impact
  • Community Medicine

Gender Equality

  • Menstrual hygiene awareness
  • Acceptance of gender discrimination behavior among teens
  • Financial and entrepreneurial awareness for teenage girls
  • Gender Discrimination in Sports
  • Gender Study on hospital patients

Business and Economics

  • Stock trading awareness
  • The Electric vehicle movement in India
  • Risk management
  • Digital marketing
  • Impact on advertising due to COVID-19
  • Web 3.0 – DeFi, Crypto, NFTs
  • Sub-prime/ILFS/EverGrande Crises
  • Global Supply Chain Robustness


  • Psephology
  • Media freedom
  • Social media impact on teens
  • Data and algorithmic approach to new media
  • India’s International Relations
  • Global Citizenship
  • Inter Cultural Intelligence


  • Psychological impact due to death of pets
  • Mental wellness among teens
  • Body image
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Impact of Web 3.0 on self-esteem


  • Teaching dance to underprivileged kids
  • Podcast production
  • Video logs
  • Guitar tuning mobile app
  • Film Making
  • Script Writing
  • Accessory Design
  • Portfolio Building
3 (1)


  • Supreme Court rulings on water pollution
  • Simplifying legal processes for consumers
  • Right to Health
  • Music Copyright in India


  • Accounting
  • Social development
  • Digital marketing
  • Content creation
  • Investment Banking
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Counseling


professionals to organise themselves, track their progress, and discover their true potential while preparing for their dream MBA. This mentorship programme covers academic guidance, guidance for standardised testing in India and abroad, resume optimisation, profile analysis and completion, course and university selection, scholarship guidance, interview prep and personal coaching.

Dream MBA

Indian MBA

MBA Abroad

Executive MBA

Strategic Business Programs


An end to end personal mentorship program for young professionals to organise themselves, track their progress, and discover their true potential in a career path they love. This mentorship programme covers detailed personal and profile analysis, resume optimisation, sabbaticals and career switch guidance, personal branding and coaching.


In today’s hyper-digital world, one needs multiple types of CVs and Resumes for different purposes. Come and understand your different purposes with SN Mentoring, be it academic or creative or just to impress someone. This mentorship programme covers personal and profile analysis, resume optimisation, personal branding guidance, LinkedIn optimisation, online profile development recommendations and much more. Resumes can make or break your potential interview calls. Our clients’ resumes have gotten them higher scholarship offers and better pay packages apart from opening up doors to opportunities which they thought were not possible.


SN Mentoring’s detailed interview preparation guidance module focusses on your personality, profile, interviewer requirements, communication strategy, confidence building, questions, story telling and multiple mock interviews (with internal and external panels). An interview today can be completely in your favour given you understand your audience and improvise accordingly. Our step-by-step format which takes care of your various areas of improvement is honed over many years of experience and hundreds of candidates, both domestically and internationally. Usually the interview is the last step of candidate selection and an incomplete preparation reduces your chances of success. Our interviewees have cracked the toughest of the interviews with help from our NLP methods and self-awareness modules.


Mentors at SN Mentoring are creative story tellers who do not sit still, till they are satisfied that your essays are reflecting the best and most relevant aspects of your life. A detailed Essay/SOP guidance module focuses on story telling, audience, writing style, grammar, coherence, readability and that special personal signature style. Our clients have cracked the best B-school interviews and communicated on an average 55% more in their essays using our guidance. They have achieved scholarships based on their letters of motivation. They have secured the most sought after internships and job offers based on their cover letters. We help you understand written communication through creative and clear writing – something that is not imparted to you from our education institutions.

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